Top 10 best electric mountain bikes for 2022

Electric mountain bikes amplify your pedaling power and are stacked with smart tech that lets you explore more of the mountain with minimal effort. So today we’ll show you the top 10 best electric mountain bikes for 2022. Here at FruitDunia, we are a bunch of product researchers and testers. We test, analyze and research new products and create a list of the top 10 best products based on price, quality, feature and user feedback.


10:Orbea Wild Fs


orbea wild fs | fruitdunia

Here we have the orbea wild FS, a full-suspension E MTB that performs well on both climbs and descents. The body is built with a perfect blend of carbon and alloy, making it lightweight and durable. Equipped with the Bosch motor, you can customize the bike with either a 500 Watt or 625 Watt battery. On top of that, it’s excellent suspension, hydraulic disc brakes and shock absorbers will allow riders to maintain a steady speed while going downhills.



9: WHYTE E-160


Here’s the WhYTE E-160, an electric motorbike designed to overcome any obstacles in any terrain with ease. The frame is constructed with durable materials to assure reliability. It’s powered by a Bosch motor that provides 250 watts of peak power and up to 85 Newton meters of torque. Plus, the 750 Watt hour battery allows you to travel a long distance, and it can also be fully recharged in just five hours. Furthermore, the Fox suspension and Maxxis Assegai tires work together to ensure a comfortable ride.



8:NOX Epium

NOX Epium
NOX Epium

Go beyond biking and experience more with the nox Epia. Its lightweight carbon frame body can be customized to suit either an all mountain or enduro setup, giving you the advantage of using two bikes in one. The 250 Watt electric motor provides up to 60 Newton meters of torque. While the 4:30 Watt hour battery gives it a great range, it’s as easy to use and integrates it intuitive LED display on the top two. And let’s not forget about the flex linkage suspension which allows you to customize the bikes. Geometry conveniently.


7:Specialized Turbo Levo

Specialized Turbo Levo

Now here’s another electric mountain bike called the Specialized Turbo Levo. Powered by a 565 Watt motor and a mastermind turbo control unit, the bike boasts your overall pedaling by up to four times. Levo also enables you to ride farther and explore more with five hours of trail time. Aside from that, the front and rear wheels here are different in size, which results in more playful and nimble rides. An optimized chance is supposed to have a custom-tuned rear suspension along with an adjustable geometry that delivers a ride like no other.



6:ROTWILD R.E375 Aggressive

ROTWILD R.E375 Aggressive

An act of bike with endurance qualities is a must if you want to go through demanding mountain trails. And for this purpose, we have the Rottweiler re 375 aggressive. The 170-millimeter travel suspension and 29-inch wheels of this E MTB give you the freedom to perform those heroic stunts. In combination with the rigid full carbon frame, the Shimano EP8 motor delivers a light and aggressive ride while maintaining a low center of gravity. Last but not least, with the 375 Watt-hour quick-release battery, you don’t have to think about its charge. Draining early.


5:YT Decoy 29 core 4

With a sleek rugged look and jaw-dropping features, the next bike on our list is none other than the yt decoy 29 Core 4. This bike is equipped with high quality components such as 29 inch wheels, modern geometry, and a Shimano EP8 motor which makes it one of the best MTBs available on the market. No matter if you want to travel through steep terrains or downhill trails, the balanced feel is never missed out. Besides, the range is also great with a high-performance battery.


YT Decoy 29 core 4
YT Decoy 29 core 4



4:Jeep E-Bike Rubicon

Jeep E-Bike Rubicon

Meet the Jeep ebike Rubicon, an Emtb that features more range, better geometry, and an all-new suspension for smooth bike rides. The Bafang Ultra Drive 1000 Watt Motor delivers an outstanding peak performance that can reach up to 160 Newton meters of torque. Furthermore, the 21 amp hour battery is pretty adequate in terms of range and it’s equipped with four-piston hydraulic disc brakes that give you maximum control over your ride.





The Scott Patron is another remarkable emtb that is able to bring you up to the trail with efficiency and ride down the hill with confidence. If features a Bosch motor that provides a stupendous pedal assist while the 750 Watt-hour battery keeps the bike going on long-distance trails, the rear suspension is fully integrated into the frame and resist shocks and bumps quite well. Another useful feature is the 2 inch colored screen that displays all necessary information including speed, GPS, and cadence.





Built to meet the demands of most mountain bikers, here’s the Focus Sam Square. This incredible mountain bike comes with a powerful motor that can reach a top speed of 20 kilometers per hour with 85 Newton meters of torque. The smooth suspension system and 29 inch wheels make harsh trail rides effortless, while the head and seat angles are stable enough for climbing downhill comfortably. Oh, and by the way, the cockpit maintains a clean look thanks to the integrated CIS cable.


1:Trek Fuel EXe


Trek Fuel EXe

list is simply called the Trek fuel EXE. It’s one of the lightest EMT’s ever designed. This ebike comes with the new TQH RP50 Dr Unit which provides up to 50 Newton meters of torque. It’s 360 Watt hour battery allows you to enjoy up to four hours of ride time and you can even extend the range with the optional 160 Watt hour range extender. And let’s not forget, there’s also a dedicated app that you can use to custom tune the motor, plan routes and monitor your bike stats. So that was our list of the top 10 Best electric mountain bikes for 2022.




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