The Amazing Cabinet Lock That Uses Your Fingerprints

Special Feature Fingerprint unlock and PIN Unlock
Lock Type Electronic
Item Dimensions LxWxH 17 x 17 x 4 Centimeters
Material Alloy Steel


About this item

  • Fast Fingerprint Sensor – 50 fingerprints can be registered in this Digital lock and unlocking speed is 0.4 seconds only.
  • PIN Unlock – You can register 200 PIN’s in this Digital lock & the Touch Key Pad is very fine to use.
  • This lock is only suitable for cabinets or drawers. Not for Room or main doors
  • LED Light Indicator – Around the fingerprint sensor, there is an LED light indicator that indicates your finger status.
  • Auto Locking – The lock will eliminate the manual locking as it will get locked automatically when the door gets closed.
  • External power port – You can give power to the lock externally from any normal power bank in case of complete battery drain.
  • Low Battery Indication – Numbers on the lock start blinking when you try to open the Lock Which indicates Battery is low.
  • Adjustable Spy code – You can use random numbers before or after the pin in the presence of strangers to protect your original PIN.

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